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The L3Harris GPNVG-18 (Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggle) is an extremely light weight panoramic night vision goggle. The GPNVG was designed by L3 in conjunction with USSOCOM to provide operators a wider field of view in a light weight and rugged package. The unit features 97 degree panoramic field of view four tube pano design, a battery pack, and incredible tube resolution.


The GPNVG-18 can be run both off of the included CR123 battery pack or a cold weather PVS-31 batter pack. One great thing about the ability to run a battery pack is the speed in which the goggles can be up and running. With the GPNVG, the user simply can drop the dovetail on a Wilcox G24 mount and plug in the battery cable to the battery pack port on the GPNVG housing and use their goggles.


The GPNVG-18 has a fixed bridge housing with independently detachable optical pods. This lets the user deploy a single optical pod for handheld applications with a wider field of view than a traditional monocular night vision device. When an optical pod is detached from the bridge it is powered off of the included battery power adapter.


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