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The BPG Tourniquet (TQ) Dangler incorporates a sharpie slot. We innovated this upgrade based on deprecated designs back in 2017.

  • The elastic portion has zero memory and is high strength
  • The Loop and Hook Velcro allows it to be place anywhere there is Velcro, Dangler Pouches, Plate Carriers, Bags
  • Mil-Spec, Berry Compliant materials, and sewn in the U.S.
  • Items that will fit inside the TQ Dangler:
    • NAR GEN7 CAT or similar
    • SWAT-T TQ
    • Baofeng UV82
    • Pressure or Israeli bandages
    • Ebola Gaye Smoke Grenade
    • M84 Stun Grenade

BPG Tourniquet Dangler

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