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HEL-STAR 4 EXO® is designed with increased visibility, durability, and water resistance. Other improvements include a decrease in weight and, a noticeably smaller footprint. The helmet-friendly design of the HEL-STAR 4 EXO® is designed as a Low Profile variant of the popular Hel-Star 6® Gen III+

Two user-defined operating functions in a variety of colors and IR (NIR & SWIR), as well as flash rates, (including Morse Code & NATO Flash) and select light intensity options.

Models are available in black or tan and can be viewed by clicking on the product flyer below. Other tactical light functions are available upon request by users.

The specific model we recommend is the HS402X, allowing a Green Strobe, and an IR strobe in settings 1 & 2 respectively. 

Core Survival HelStar 4 EXO

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