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The Elbit Systems of America F5032 has a unique close-focus lens that allows users to perform intricate, critical tasks more clearly than competing night-vision binoculars. Whether reading printed map details, administering medical support, repairing weapons or re-configuring a radio, the F5032 provides essential visual ability while still maintaining cover under darkness. The F5032 is also configurable with fixed or adjustable diopter lenses to accommodate individual user optical requirements to minimize eye strain.

An intuitive vertical viewing capability recognizes when the binocular is in use and prevents shut-off from activating when a user tilts their head. An auto shut-off engages only when the goggles are in the stowed position.

Most binoculars require a separate IR illuminator for caves, buildings, underground or other zero-light conditions. The F5032 includes an integrated LED infrared illuminator, reducing the need for additional equipment while keeping you ready to command the dark in any situation.

Includes a Wilcox L4 G24 NVG Helmet Mount

Optional Battery Pack


Achieve optimum individualized performance with the option of adjustable eyepieces and lenses designed to accommodate personal preference and mitigate eye strain.

A top-performing anti reflective coating protects all of the F5032’s lenses. Each one is water repellent as well as dust, smudge, and scratch resistant.

When it comes to image intensifier performance, you’re in control. The F5032 is available with or without manual brightness adjustment – simply specify your preference.

Designed with lower-profile optics and greater vertical adjustment capabilities, this lightweight night vision binocular provides a more efficient user experience.

This binocular is built to withstand the rigors of conflict. Made with molded, state-of-the-art thermoplastic parts, it thrives in the harshest environments.

With both monoculars flipped away and up, the system stows closely along the contour of your helmet, reducing silhouette and neck strain while minimizing the potential for system damage.

The F5032 has indicators for low battery (yellow) and IR light source (red). There is also an optional external battery pack for extended use that doubles as a counterweight.

The F5032 offers a close-in minimum focus distance so you can perform crucial tasks with more clarity. Whether it’s reading printed map details in light-sensitive areas, administering close medical support, repairing weapons on the move, or re-configuring a radio, this binocular gets you closer to your work while ensuring you maintain essential cover.

The F5032 is designed to prevent inadvertent shut-off at inopportune times. Other binoculars can automatically turn off when the user tilts their head. This intuitive vertical viewing ability ensures your night vision is reliable, regardless of your orientation. The only time auto shut-off engages is when the binocular is stowed.

Repairing a binocular should not take away from your mission focus. The F5032 is strategically designed for quick replacement of image intensifier tubes, reducing maintenance time.


System Distortion<3%
Field of View40° ± 2°
System Focus25cm to Infinity
Resolution≥ 1.3 cyc/mrad

1° convergence, 0.3° dipvergence/divergence

Diopter Adjustment Lenses+2 to -2.5
WeightLess than 500 gm
EnvironmentalComplies with MIL-STD-810
BatteryOne AA size battery
Battery Life

> 24 hours with AA Lithium / > 15 hours with AA Alkaline

Integrated IR IlluminatorYes
Automatic High Light Cut-off System to Protect Image Intensifier Tube Yes
Internal LED Indicators for IR ON and Low BatteryYes
Interpupilary Adjustment53 to 75mm
Flip-Up FunctionBinocular is automatically switched off when in the flip-up position
Independent Monocular Flip-out StowYes

Elbit F5032 (AN/PVS-31D) Lightweight Night Vision Binocular

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