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The InfiRay Jerry-14 Night Vision Monocular is an ultra-lightweight, full-featured night vision monocular that features an NNVT NVT4 1400-1600 FOM manual gain, non-autogated, white phosphor image intensifier. Weighing in at only 250g without battery, the Jerry-14 comes with all features you would expect from higher-priced, heavier offerings such as a robust reinforced polymer body, manual gain, low battery indicator, IR illuminator, manual focus, diopter adjustments, and more.


Featuring similar controls and mounting footprint to milspec PVS-14s, the Jerry-14 comes with a full-metal, skeletonized, dovetail J-arm that comes ready to mount onto any standard NVG mount, such as the Wilcox G24.


Controls are simple – to turn on the device, rotate the main dial until it clicks, then simply continue turning to increase gain. To decrease gain, turn the knob counter-clockwise. To turn on the IR illuminator, double-tap the knob.


As a bonus, the Jerry-14 comes out of the box with an integrated JerryC COTI mounting bracket. For a limited time, add a 640 Jerry C5 / Jerry CE5 Thermal for the ultimate multi-spectral fusion setup.


Tube Type18mm manual gain
Figure of Merit (FOM) SNR x LP/mmNNVT4 1400-1600FOM
Weight250 grams
Power SupplyAA onboard
Runtime40+ hours
LensesInfiRay low profile lenses
Field of View40º
DiopterAdjustable +2 to -6
Submersion and Dust RatingUp to 20 metres
Mount StyleDovetail with included J-arm
Onboard IR IlluminatorYes 5mW

Package includes

  • Jerry-14 night vision monocular
  • Aluminum skeletonized dovetail J-arm
  • Padded carry case with strap
  • Unique intensifier spec sheet
  • Eyecup and eye protection bumpers
  • Product manual


SKU: J14G1
2.499,00$ Precio
2.299,00$Precio de oferta
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