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The Manticore-R from Nocturn Industries is a rugged, articulating binocular housing made of high-strength 7075-T6 aluminum with a on-board digital controls that control power, gain, and an on-board IR illuminator. This binocular device features individual pod shutoff when each pod is rolled up, IPD stops, user-adjustable pod tension, IR-illuminator & indicator, and low battery indicator.


The device is powered on-board by a single CR123A for a continuous runtime of ~25 hours and does not require offboard battery packs. State-of-the-art modelling allows an extremely strong housing with a low weight – only 561g fully-loaded with Milspec PVS-14 optics. This device is one of the strongest, most full-featured, and lightest in its class.


 Manticore-R with the following tube options:

  • L3Harris 20UA Filmless White Phosphor – Aviation Spec
  • L3Harris 20UA Supergain Filmless White Phosphor – Aviation Spec
  • Elbit White Phosphor
  • Photonis White Phosphor



SuperGain Filmless White Phosphor image intensifier tubes increase the Luminance Gain (Gain) specification for image intensifier tubes from the standard 40,000-80,000 fL/fc to between 100,000-120,000 fL/fc.  This greatly increases the image intensifier’s ability to amplify and collect light, resulting in a noticeably brighter image with increased low light performance and extending operational envelope and ability to see into dark areas.


Key Features:

  • Rugged Material – 7075 Aluminum alloy with Mil-standard Type III class II hard anodize, H series Cerakote
  • Individual pod auto-off when swiveled
  • Push-button on/off, IR illuminator and manual gain brightness control
  • Tool-less Inter-Pupillary Distance adjustment
  • Exceeds MIL-STD-810G and NATO 1.5m drop test standards
  • Dust-proof and water-proof to 1.5m
  • Built-in dovetail mount
  • The articulating design allows users to use one eye or both eyes enabling the simultaneous use of a thermal optic or other non-passive aiming systems. This also enables users to operate vehicles without limiting head space by eliminating the need to stow the unit upright or to tuck the pods against the helmet when stowed.


8.799,00$ Precio
8.674,00$Precio de oferta
  • 25 Business Days 

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