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We offer tantos with L3, Elbit and Photonis tubes. 


We offer L3Harris 20UA and 20 UA Supergain tubes.  20UA tubes will have a typical FOM of 2200-2600 with an EBI of 0.5 to 2.0 and 20UA Supergain will have a typical FOM of 1800-2200 with an EBI of 0.2 to 0.5.


SuperGain Filmless White Phosphor image intensifier tubes increase the Luminance Gain (Gain) specification for image intensifier tubes from the standard 40,000-80,000 fL/fc to between 100,000-120,000 fL/fc.  This greatly increases the image intensifier’s ability to amplify and collect light, resulting in a noticeably brighter image with increased low light performance and extending operational envelope and ability to see into dark areas.


Photonis Echo White Phosphor

The cornerstone of Nocturn’a adaptable series of night vision devices is the Tanto Ultralight Adaptable Night Vision Monocular (UANVM). This Nocturn Industries Tanto mounts via a standard PVS-14 J-arm mount. A unique feature of this monocular is its ability to be adapted to a proprietary powered articulating dual bridge mount called the TAB (Tanto Articulating Bridge) “Daisho” with minimal tools or extra parts. The innovative design allows users to transform their Tanto night vision monocular into an articulating binocular in seconds or go from a binocular back to a monocular to share with a partner. To transform into the binocular, simply remove the battery cap and battery, insert the bridge into the battery compartment, and tighten the rear clamp screws on the bridge, done. The bridge enables the use of a single battery for both tubes, has built in IP stops similar to the UANVB “Katana”, and other features when released.


It is simple with a minimalist lightweight design. Push button on/off in the cap to reduce weight and reduce the footprint of the monocular. When assembled to the TAB “Daisho” bridge extra features are enabled such as articulation to the side for single or dual eye use. The articulating design also enables users to operate vehicles without limiting head space by eliminating the need to stow the unit upright or to tuck the pods against the helmet when stowed.


This unit is light weight without compromising strength. It is rugged and has been drop from the NATO 1.5 meter drop test standard onto concrete, as well as meets and exceeds MIL-STD-810G.

-Material: Polymer

-Tube type: 18mm MX-10160 style or MX11769 style with EGAC pigtail removed.

-Submersion and Dust Rating: IP68 equivalent


-8.76 OZ with standard optics and a battery

-7.76 OZ with RPO optics and a battery

-Power: CR123 onboard

-Runtime: 40+ hours

-Mount style: PVS-14 J-arm style mount


2.999,00$ Precio
2.899,00$Precio de oferta
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