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The AN/PVS-14 binocular bridge provides versatility allowing the end user to wear a PVS-14 as a monocular or add a second PVS-14 or a SkeetIR®x thermal for binocular needs.

Offered in a dovetail shoe or horn interface (sold separately), the PVS-14 binocular bridge fits securely into our G24 or G11 mount.

The NVG can be stowed, when not in use, against the helmet keeping the unit low profile.

When in the stowed position, the auto on/off switch turns the unit off, conserving battery power.


(1x) Bridge Modular Dovetail Base, (2x) PVS-14 Binocular Bridge Folding Arms, (2x) PVS-14 Binocular Bridge Helmet Shoe


Weight7.37 oz.
Dimensions4.5" L x 1.3" W x 2.1" H
MaterialsLightweight Aerospace Aluminum
Wilcox P/N61300G13-B

Wilcox AN/PVS-14 Binocular Bridge System

SKU: SKU 61300G16-B
1.062,00$ Precio
912,00$Precio de oferta
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