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The G22 mount offers all the same benefits as the G24 mount minus the breakaway feature. What sets this mount apart is the extended 1.40" fore/aft bridge. This extension of the bridge allows the end user to have more adjustment while wearing protective goggles, ballistic shields and gas masks. Additional mount/shroud kits available.


  • Dovetail shoe interface securely locks NVG’s into place.
  • Extended bridge for goggles, ballistic shields and gas masks.


Dimensions (Operational)3.98” L x 2.60” W x 2.40” H
Weight (G22 Mount Only).36 lb (5.76 oz)
MaterialsLightweight Aerospace Aluminum, Polymer
Height Adjust0.900″ Total Vertical Travel
View to Stow130º Travel
Finite Tilt0-15º Tilt
Fore/Aft Travel1.400″ Total Fore/Aft Travel
Auto On-OffApplicable w/ Wilcox Metal Interface Shoes
AccommodatesAN/PVS-7A, AN/PVS-7C, AN/PVS-15, AN/PVS-18, AN/PVS-21, AN/PVS-31, GPNVG-18 BNVS, FGS, BNVD, BNVD-G, TNV/Sentinel
Wilcox P/N28300G22-B (Black), 28300G22-T (Tan)

Wilcox G22 NVG Helmet Mount

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