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Trijicon® OASYS SkeetIR™x Micro Thermal Monocular: A Game-Changer in Thermal Imaging


In the world of thermal imaging, the Trijicon® OASYS SkeetIR™x Micro Thermal Monocular stands out as a leading-edge device, providing unparalleled clarity and versatility. Designed for both military and public sector use, this compact yet powerful monocular is transforming how we see and operate in low-visibility environments.

Key Features

The SkeetIR™x is packed with features that make it a top choice for professionals:

  1. Compact and Lightweight: Weighing less than 10 ounces, the SkeetIR™x is easily portable, making it ideal for a variety of operations.

  2. High-Resolution Display: With a 640x480 OLED display, the monocular offers crisp, clear images, even in total darkness.

  3. Multi-Functional: It serves as a handheld device, helmet-mounted monocular, or a weapon-mounted sight, providing flexibility in various scenarios.

  4. Digital Compass and Inclinometer: These built-in tools enhance situational awareness and precision.

  5. Robust and Durable: Built to withstand harsh conditions, the SkeetIR™x is water-resistant and can operate in extreme temperatures.

Military Applications

In the military sector, the SkeetIR™x is a crucial tool for enhancing operational effectiveness:

  1. Night Operations: Its superior thermal imaging capabilities allow soldiers to navigate and engage targets in complete darkness.

  2. Surveillance and Reconnaissance: The monocular's high-resolution display aids in detecting and identifying threats from a distance, improving mission planning and execution.

  3. Target Acquisition: When mounted on a weapon, the SkeetIR™x provides accurate thermal sighting, crucial for precision targeting.

  4. Situational Awareness: The digital compass and inclinometer help soldiers maintain orientation and spatial awareness, critical in dynamic environments.

Public Sector Applications

Beyond the battlefield, the SkeetIR™x has significant uses in the public sector, particularly in law enforcement and search and rescue operations:

  1. Law Enforcement: Police officers use the monocular for surveillance during stakeouts and night patrols. Its ability to detect heat signatures through smoke, fog, and other obstructions is invaluable.

  2. Search and Rescue: In rescue missions, the SkeetIR™x helps locate missing persons in low-visibility conditions, such as dense forests or disaster sites.

  3. Firefighting: Firefighters can utilize the thermal imaging to see through smoke, locate hotspots, and navigate through burning structures safely.

  4. Wildlife Management: For wildlife officers, the SkeetIR™x aids in monitoring animal movements and detecting poachers during nighttime operations.


The Trijicon® OASYS SkeetIR™x Micro Thermal Monocular is more than just a thermal imaging device; it's a versatile tool that enhances the capabilities of both military personnel and public sector professionals. Its compact design, high-resolution display, and multifunctional use make it an indispensable asset in any low-visibility scenario. Whether on the battlefield or in public service, the SkeetIR™x is setting a new standard for thermal imaging technology.

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