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The DTNVS is the culmination of years of technological advancement in the night vision industry. The DTNVS is one of, if not the, most light weight binocular night vision device commercially available in the United States. The DTNVS consists of a fiber re-enforced polycarbonate body, increasing it’s durability over previously available night vision binocular systems. While stowed each ocular will shut off its respective image intensifier, increasing operation battery life and decreasing neck fatigue.

The DTNVS binocular has a full feature set with individual sideways ON/OFF for each eyepiece and Flip-Up ON/OFF when folded up preventing backsplash on the helmet. To complete the DTNVSs’ features it incorporates built-in IR LED for close quarter missions with separate IR-ON indicator and low battery indicator in the field of view.

A single battery provides over 25h run time. However, as the pods shut off when flipped up and therefore halve the power consumption, most users report up to 35h on a single battery.

Warranty is 5 years, with a complimentary annual service plan for the life of the warranty.


8.799,00$ Regular Price
7.444,00$Sale Price
  • Please note that all leadtimes do not include shipping, weather disruptions, and supply-chain or unforseen issues. 


    Lead Times 

    Photonis 2wks - 30 Days 

    Elbit Commercial - 30 - 60 Days 

    Elbit Aviation - 2wks - 30 Days 

    L3 Commerical - 2wks - 30 Days 

    L3 Aviation - 2wks - 30 Days 

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