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These refurbished ARNVG units will come with Omni 6/ Omni 7 Refurbished Green L3 Tubes

All tubes will have No Guarantee on Spot Spec - No Spec Sheet - All Work - All Have Been Tested and Verified - All Out Of PVS15 Trade Ins


Generation 3


Please note these will ship with a defense mechanisms nods pouch in OD Green.


OMNI Definition

Omni 6 and Omni 7 are both categories within the U.S. military’s Omni series of image intensifier tubes used in night vision devices, each generation representing a set of performance specifications that improve on previous ones.

Omni 6 Intensifier Tubes:

Introduced earlier than Omni 7.


Features enhancements over previous generations in terms of resolution, sensitivity to light, and signal-to-noise ratio, which measures the clarity of the image.


These improvements generally allow for better performance in low-light conditions compared to older models.


The ARNVG (Articulating Ruggedized Night Vision Goggle) is an extremely tough, full-featured night vision binocular. The housing is billet machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and designed to handle challenging real-world environments. During drop testing, the housings far exceeded military requirements of MIL-STD-810H drop testing, surviving falls onto bare concrete from heights beyond what lenses and image intensifiers can handle.


The design includes push-button switches for power and an Infrared Illuminator.  A fence guards the IR illuminator button with distinctive contours to prevent inadvertently activating the IR illuminator.  Indicators in the viewing area alert the user if the IR illuminator is on or the unit senses a low battery condition.  The unit is powered by an onboard 123 battery or auxiliary power from a battery pack using a 4-pin LEMO-style connector.


ARNVG optics feature a full range of adjustments.  The mil-spec objectives allow the user to focus between 9.8 inches and infinity, while the mil-spec eyepieces offer a diopter adjustment range of -6 to +2.  The articulating design allows the user to quickly adjust for an Interpupillary Distance from 47mm to over 80mm. 


Each optical pod can be rotated up out of the users view as desired, freeing one or both eyes for natural sight as conditions demand.  When the goggle is helmet mounted and in the stowed position, the optical pods can be folded back flat against the helmet to minimize neck strain and better protect the goggle, and the user, from impacting overhead objects. The optical pods automatically turn off when articulated up.  This feature prevents illumination on your helmet when one side is articulated up and ensures that the image intensifiers are ‘off’ in the stowed position with the optical pods folded back against the helmet.  The force required to swing the optical pods is user adjustable using a coin.


The goggle will be available in Flat Black and Flat Dark Earth.  The components of the binocular are media blasted to give a non-reflective matte finish, then black anodized for durability



Omni 7 Intensifier Tubes:

The latest in the series following Omni 6.


Typically includes further improvements in all areas including even better resolution, lower noise, and greater light amplification capabilities.


May also include additional enhancements such as reduced halo effect (the bright ring seen around bright light sources), and improved performance under dynamic lighting conditions.



The evolution from Omni 6 to Omni 7 generally reflects ongoing advancements in night vision technology, aiming to provide clearer, more effective visual data for operations conducted in low light or night-time conditions. The specific improvements in each generation are aligned with the increasing demands of military and tactical operations, offering more reliable and durable devices.

Omni 6 vs Omni 7

The Figure of Merit (FOM) is a measure used to assess the overall performance of image intensifier tubes in night vision devices, and it is calculated by multiplying the resolution (in line pairs per millimeter) by the signal-to-noise ratio.

For U.S. military specifications:

Omni 6: The minimum Figure of Merit (FOM) requirement for Omni VI (or Omni 6) image intensifier tubes is typically around 1600. This means that these tubes needed to have either a higher resolution or a better signal-to-noise ratio or a balanced improvement in both to meet this minimum standard.


Omni 7: For Omni VII (or Omni 7), the standard was raised, typically requiring a minimum FOM of 1800. This increase reflects enhancements in technology allowing for better clarity, reduced noise, and overall more effective night vision capabilities.



These FOM thresholds indicate the minimum performance levels that intensifier tubes must meet or exceed to be considered suitable for military use under these specific Omni standards. Higher FOM values generally correlate with better performance in field conditions.

OMNI 6/7 - L3 - Refurbished ARNVG (GREEN)

5.999,00$ Regular Price
5.899,00$Sale Price

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