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PGD - ARCH Gen 3


These helmets have been tested to strict NIJ Standards in an internationally recognized, DOD Certified Facility - Data Attached - They have been tested in both Wet and Dry conditions to ensure performance in both Land and Maritime applications.


The ARCH Gen 3 helmet weighs only 1.35 kg / 2.97 lbs as a complete helmet. This makes it one of the lightest ballistic helmets on the market, in this price range.


The Helmets are NOT sourced or manufactured in China.


The ARCH Gen3 utilizes Kevlar Aramid from Dupont. The DuPont Kevlar is then pressed in Bulgaria and finally assembled in Denmark before being shipped to the United States.


To ensure the structural integrity of the helmet, a specialized coating is applied around the entire shell. This process ensures that your ARCH Gen 3 can withstand rain, oil, and corrosive liquids such as fuel. This is a real benefit to personnel operating vehicles and professionals in the field.


In addition to the above, the engineering team at PGD has designed the ARCH 3 to be fully adaptable. Mounting additional equipment on the rails is easy.


Both the rail sections and front shroud have been meticulously engineered to maintain a streamlined silhouette and remain fully compatible with current aftermarket attachments and systems.


Front Shroud is compatible with:

Wilcox G24


Norotos LowSto or similar mounting solutions


Arch Gen 3 Side is compatible with:

AMP mounts

Peltor rail mounts

Picatinny rail sections


IR Strobes

and much more....


The front shroud has been torture tested to ensure rigidity and strength while also maintaining a sheer strength that rivals that other 3 hole shrouds on the market.

In addition to compatibility with modern night vision mounting solutions, these helmets also are mission adaptable when it comes to the attachment of:



Ear Protection

Cameras and much, much more.


This helmet is built to be high-cut with a wholly redesigned BOA fit system and padding solution, with built-in fall protection. This combined ensures a balanced feel when the operator attaches a night vision device and additional accessories.

Additional options soon to be available with Partners such as RELV Camo…………

PGD-ARCH Gen 3 Helmet | Ballistic helmet


    The shell of the ARCH GEN 3 helmet is pressed from DuPont Kevlar Aramid.  DuPont is well known as the world's leading manufacturer of Aramid fiber.

    The complete helmet system is approved for NIJ 0106.01 Level IIIA.  Thus the ARCH Gen 3 helmet is rated to stop rounds up to a .44 Magnum.

    • .44 magnum

    • .357 SIG

    • 9 mm.

    In addition, the ARCH GEN 3 helmet has been tested up to 700 M/S against fragments and shrapnel (17 grains) according to STANAG2920, which is the NATO standard for testing of ballistic materials.

    When incoming rounds make impact, the ARCH GEN 3 Ballistic Helmet is designed to only be affected in an area up to 75 mm around the impact. By design the ARCH GEN 3 helmet also reduces the depth by up to 50% (according to HPW-TP-0401.01B IIIA), where the trauma is on average 11.2 mm against a 9 mm. 

    The helmet provides significantly greater security and increases your survivability.

  • The ARCH comes in 2 Sizes. This keeps things simple and with the form fitting pads this helps to reduce the difficulty when outfitting teams in combat settings.


    (52cm - 59cm)




    PGD Helmet Size M/L is for 56cm - 59cm heads translates to US hat sizes 7, 7-1/8, 7-1/4 and 7-3/8.

    PGD Helmet Size L/XL is for 60cm - 64cm heads translates to a US hat sizes 7-5/8, 7-3/4, 7-7/8 and 8.

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