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The PVS-914C is the newest advancement in monocular design.


Offering AA and CR123 compatibility, the operator can now utilize the batteries available for their flashlights, lasers, and optics, depending on the power source.


These battery housings offer up to 40 hours of extended battery life on a single AA.


Full feature with gain adjustment.


10 Year Warranty.


Additionally, these systems come housed in an Elbit housing.


Image intensifier Tube - Elbit

Elbit Gen III image intensifier tube. The ELBIT Tubes we use are thin-filmed and auto-gated. The customer can choose minimum FOM requirements at the time of purchase; however, all Elbit tubes will come with a minimum of 1800 FOM standard for Commercial Spec and 2000 and above for Aviation Spec.

Center Resolution: 64 (norm 64-72)

EBI (max): 2.5 (norm ~1)

Halo (max): 1.25 (norm ~0.7)


NL914-C push button battery housing.

Save 2.4oz without sacrificing any durability and performance. Can use both AA and CR123 batteries.


10 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Adjustable gain



Low Battery Indicator


Nitrogen Purged

Quality mil-spec multi-coated lens

Mil-Spec housing and electronics


Field of View: 40˚Magnification: one power (1X)Eye Relief: 25mmObjective Lens: 27mm, f/1.2Focus Range: 25cm to infinityPower Source: 1 AA-Size BatteryWeight (w/o batteries): 10.8 ounces (307 G)Size: 4.5"L x 2.5"W x 2.75"H


10 Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • Elbit - 15 -30 Days

    L3 - 15 Days

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