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Warranty & Service 



Warranty & Service Information

NightVision Network provides strives to provide industry leading service up to the point of sale, and after. 

All NVN night vision devices (NVDs) come with either a 5 or 10 year warranty, depending on the system. For the 5 or 10 year period, NVN will service your NVD once per 365 day period for the life of the warranty. This will ensure the full operational integrity of your night vision device for many years to come. 

While NVN does provide a 5 or 10 year warranty, the warranty is non-transferable. NVN will not be liable for inbound shipping to diagnose a potential warranty claim. NVN will send an Return Materials Authorization (RMA) form in order to keep track of any potential warranty issues and will update the end user on the status of the warranty claim throughout the process. 

NVN does not cover user errors such as but not limited to: typical wear and tear, battery corrosion, fall damage, image retention, or scratched lenses glass. 

NVN Warranty is also VOID if the unit has been disassembled, opened or otherwise tampered with in any way that is not congruent with normal use.

NVN will also request proof of purchase from an authorized reseller if the unit was not purchased directly through NVN. 

Night Vision Devices are expensive and intricate electro optics. Treat them as such, and they will likely never fail you. 

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